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They Call It Acid...Trailer

by Tim Cole

This looks like a proper tasty little film should it ever see the light of a general release. By all accounts a labour of love, having taken the best part of fifteen years to make.

They Call it Acid is a documentary narrated by legendary (I could use that word for pretty much everyone involved) Fingers inc. vocalist Robert Owens and featuring interviews with a number of the eras leading lights, including Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Graeme Park plus Larry Heard, Derrick May and many more

The film focuses on the birth of UK rave culture and Margaret Thatcher's attempt to smash it that saw a multi-million pound police unit set up to “neutralize” acid house, called “Operation Alkaline.”

So... to the official trailer for the documentary. (Have a scan of the clothing while you're watching, some classic late 'eighties streetwear on show!)


If want to know more about They Call it Acid, click here for more information about the film and its release.


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