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Bassic Records -Visionary Label

by Tim Cole

This very short lived record label from Leeds, started from the Crash Record shop, was a pioneer of a bassy style of House music called Bleep.

Bleep took inspiration from the House and Techno coming out of Chicago and Detroit, and mixed it with the Heavy Dub vibrations of the blues parties illicitly held around Leeds, creating one of the first uniquely British sounds of the rave subculture.

Here are three stone cold classic cuts from the label (representing just under 50% of their total output!)

Normally you'd leave the best 'til last but i couldn't resist kicking off with Ability ii's Pressure Dub, a transcendent slice of dub house sounding as fresh as it did in 1990...

 Ital's Anthem is a more literal mix of dub and house but none the worse for it...

 Finally we have Juno with Soul Thunder, a bleep and soulful masterpiece. Treat yourself and listen to them through some decent speakers or headphones to get the full effect of the Sub! Enjoy.

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