Never Mind the Baubles...

Never Mind the Baubles...

by Tim Cole

I can't believe this actually happened, but there is a documentary on the BBC , by Julien Temple, about it.... the true spirit of Christmas brought to you by the Sex Pistols!

The story is as follows, in the depth of the winter of discontent in 1977 the Sex Pistols were struggling to get a live gig, such was the controversy surrounding them at the time.

At the very same time the striking firemen of Huddersfield were struggling to provide any kind of Christmas for their kids.... until fate and fortune brought the two together.

This is a documentary that shows the lead up to this historic gig (the last time Sid Viscious played with them in the UK) as well as footage of them playing live that night. The best bits show the Pistols interacting with the kids during the day, dancing to disco, handing out badges and T shirts and instigating a ferocious food fight. True Rock 'n' Roll legends!


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